New Rules for Canada Immigration 2017


Canada is one of the most immigration friendly countries in the world, where most aspiring immigrants prefer to obtain a Permanent Residency Visa. The Country Canada has been constantly in the news for its innovative immigration plan and immigration rules changes.

There was an announcement recently regarding the Express Entry system 2017’.  The Federal Government of Canada is committed towards making the immigration process more smooth and easy for the aspiring candidates. The Government announced several key changes in its popular Express Entry Program in Nov 2016’. All these changes are said to make the immigration process hassle-free for the aspiring immigrants.

Let’s take a look at the key immigration rule changes as declared by the Canadian Government on November 19, 2016.

  • Duration for submitting your visa application is extended now. The IRCC or the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada has increased the timeline for submitting the filled Canada PR visa application form, once a candidate receives the ITA or the Invitation to Apply, from the IRCC for the same application. Earlier the ITA was valid only for 60days now it has been increased to 90 days. So, now you have 90 days’ time to duly fill and submit the balance documents along with the Visa processing fees.
  • Changes in the family reunification process. The processing time was 24 months earlier that has been reduced to 12 months. This will be beneficial for thousands of families sponsored visa applicants, who earlier used to wait for a whole of 2 years for their visa processing.
  • Conditional Permanent Residency rule eliminated. Conditional Permanent Residency provision applicable to bound sponsored spouses has currently been removed by the Government in 2017. This rule accustomed create the living together demand of 2 years obligatory for bound sponsored spouses.
  • Siblings in Canada. Candidates who have their siblings in Canada as a Permanent Resident will be given 15 additional CRS points. These points will also be awarded if the candidate’s spouse has a sibling in Canada.
  • French speakers will be awarded at least 15 additional points after they successfully prove their adequate intermediate or better French language abilities equivalent to CLB 4 or lower. A total of 30 additional points will be awarded if a candidate scores CLB 5 or more in the French Language skills.
  • Canadian job bank registration will become voluntary. But it is best if the registration is done.