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Job opportunities

As we all know that Canada has always been a desired destination for Indians for migration. Since, a long time, tens of thousands of Indians have gone to their favorite destination to settle permanently.

Apart from getting a Permanent Residency of Canada, there are many challenges the new immigrants face after arriving in Canada. And, if you are not prepared enough and have not done any important arrangements in terms of your job searching, accommodation arrangement, then you would find it hard to settle in Canada with ease. The major challenge is finding a desired and suitable employment offer.

How to search for a job in Canada from India

Before you truly begin your job hunt, it’s important that you simply get all your essential documents/certifications prepared and apply for immigration to Canada, through Express Entry System. It’s necessary, since the employers in Canada like the candidates who are promptly obtainable for immigration and applying to an immigration program suggests that you have already begun your method for immigration to Canada. we tend to providing here the stepwise procedure to seek out jobs and immigrate to Canada.

  • Get your certification Assessed and procure Language Proficiency Certification: It’s the primary, however, very crucial step to immigrate to and realize employment in Canada. Language proficiency (in English or French) is one in all the key criteria of immigration to Canada, hence; acquire your language certification from a recognized language testing establishment, i.e. IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Apart from this, should additionally get your document assessed from a relevant authority. you’ll take services from a reliable Immigration practice to urge both the items done for you.
  • Prepare your Resume and Covering Letter: Prepare your Resume and cover letter keeping in mind the Canadian Employers and job market. The resume ought to highlight your skills, experience, and qualification effectively.
  • Obtain Permanent Resident Card: If your profile in Express Entry Pool is chosen in any of Express Entry attracts, you may receive ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Permanent Residency Visa in Canada. Once you receive an ITA, you’d need filing the application for PR visa inside the given time, attaching all the essential documents. check that you file the visa application with thorough accuracy as per the given directions and pointers. Take the help from native Canadian Immigration advisor to file a visa application accurately with documents and to follow up a similar with authorities.
  • Apply for Jobs in Canada: Once you receive Permanent Resident Card it’s time to use for the roles in Canada through internet medium. create a listing of Canadian recruitment agencies, job websites, etc. and apply for the appropriate positions/vacancies in Canada. you’ll additionally apply on to the web site of the organizations/industries, matching your profile. As most of the time, the vacancies don’t seem to be even publicised. In such situation sending cold applications, could prove important if there’s any vacancy and your profile is found appropriate by the organization or leader in Canada.

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