IELTS Score for Canada PR Visa 2018

IELTS score for canada PR visa 2018

Applying for the Canada Immigration in 2018 and want to know about the IELTS score for Canada PR visa? Did you know that a good score in the IELTS exam is very important for your smoother immigration gateways? But what is the minimum level of Language proficiency required? To get all the answers, you need to first learn the essence of the IELTS Exam in Immigration. It is taken as evidence of English language proficiency by more than 9,000 organizations worldwide. Also, it is recognized as a reliable indicator of ability to communicate in English for education and immigration.


IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is compulsory if you are planning to move to another country where English is their first official language. You need to take this exam to prove your proficiency in the English Language. IELTS is recognized globally to test the English Language.

IELTS Score required for Canada Immigration

There are various immigration programs in Canada, so, the required score for IELTS exam is also different for each of them. So, you need to understand the different scores for different programs in order to learn what the minimum score is for IELTS that you need to get. IELTS preparation is one of the most important areas as IELTS score affects your CRS scores directly.

IELTS score required by the Express Entry System:

First, The Canada Express Entry system is the most popular Canadian Immigration Program.

Many aspiring applicants register for Express Entry every year for Express Entry to obtain the ITA or the Invitation to Apply for PR Visa. The Express Entry Visa requires CLB or the Comprehensive Learning Benchmark of 7 points. It means you have to score 6 points or above in IELTS Exam.

  • Listening – 6
  • Writing – 6
  • Reading – 6
  • Speaking – 6

IELTS score required by the Quebec Skilled Worker Program:

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is another popular Canadian Immigration Program for Quebec Province. It requires a minimum of CLB 5 or more points in all the four categories. That means the IELTS score should be:

  • Listening – 5
  • Writing – 5
  • Reading – 5
  • Speaking – 5

IELTS score required by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program:

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is popular among immigrants who wish to settle as the Permanent Resident in the National Capital region of Canada. The program needs a score of CLB 7 or more in all the four categories. Which means your IELTS score should be:

  • Listening – 7
  • Writing – 7
  • Reading – 7
  • Speaking – 7

IELTS score required by the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program:

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program needs a CLB score of minimum 4 points or more. Which means you must score at least 4 in all the four categories. So, your IELTS score should be:

  • Listening – 4
  • Writing – 4
  • Reading – 4
  • Speaking – 4

Lastly, IELTS score is not required in many regions of Canada, there is certain relaxation in other provinces.

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