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Requirements for Canada Immigration

Every year, more than 3 lacs foreign skilled workers come to Canada on Temporary Work visas.

To work in Canada for a short period of time, people usually need a work permit that is issued by the Canadian Government on temporary basis.

In order to obtain the Temporary work permit by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), a foreign worker usually requires a job offer letter from a Canadian Employer. There are various steps to this process. Depending upon the foreign worker’s country of origin, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) might also be obtained to enter Canada to live and work.

  1. A Canadian Employer may apply for Labour Market Impact Association, if required.

  • A Temporary Work Visa can be issued by Canadian immigration officers while not the LMIA could demand in an exceedingly restricted variety of things, as follows:
  • Under international agreements, like the North American free trade Agreement (NAFTA);
  • Due to the many economic, social or cultural edges the work activity can awaken Canadians;
  • As a part of reciprocal agreements Canada and its provinces/territories have entered into with different countries, like youth and teacher exchange programs;
  • So that international students learning in Canada will fulfill educational necessities, called co-op placements;
  • To allow the spouses/common-law partners to work in Canada and a particular Study allow holders in Canada to do a job in Canada;
  • Because the character of the work is charitable or religious;
  • In recognition that some persons in Canada for reasons apart from the above-named, like the creating of an exile claim, have to be compelled to support themselves.

  1. Employer can extend the duration of the Temporary work visa, if required. Once the LMIA is obtained, a Canadian Employer can provide a temporary Job offer to the foreign worker and can offer to extend his stay in Canada.
  2. Foreign Worker applies for a Work Visa. With the documents obtained from the Canadian Employer, the foreign worker can apply to ESDC for a Canadian Temporary Work Visa.
  3. Work Visa is granted. A Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) officer will check all the documents and grant the Canadian Temporary Work Visa, at the point of arrival of the foreign worker into Canada.

A Temporary work permit is also issued for an amount of your time starting from a number of days to a number of years. In most cases, the method of applying for a piece allow is twofold. First, the Canadian leader should receive government permission to rent outside Canada. Once this permission has been granted, the selected worker should apply for and receive his or her work papers.

A Work allow granted for a selected job in Canada are tied thereto job. Consequently, an employee might solely work for the leader nominal on his or her legal instrument. If he or she finds totally different employment and doesn’t nevertheless have permanent resident standing, he or she should apply for and receive a brand new work papers before performing arts another job in Canada.

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