All you need to know about ITA

When a candidate receives and ITA or the Invitation to Apply, it means that his/her express entry application is accepted for immigration. It is issued on the priority basis. An ITA must not be confused with a PR Visa.

How can a candidate obtain an Invitation to Apply?

Only eligible candidates under the Express Entry system will receive an ITA but only after fulfilling all the requirements. The ITA is issued according to the candidate’s CRS or the Comprehensive Ranking System Scores. The Canadian Government issues the Invitation to Apply to certain candidates in the Express Entry pool according to their ranks.

The 3Months/ 90days validity:

As of November 19th, 2016, the applicants have 90 days or 3 months’ time to submit the balance documents required and the Visa Processing fee in order to receive the PR Visa. IRCC has mentioned that no further extension will be given.

Because of this limited time period after the ITA, all the applicants are encouraged to collect and keep all the required documents ready even before receiving an Invitation to Apply. If an applicant misses the 90 days deadline, then the ITA becomes invalid and the applicant will have to re-enter the Express Entry pool.

How to accept the Invitation to Apply?

When the ITA is received a candidate has to submit all the pending documents and pay the Visa processing fee to the Government and this can be considered as an acceptance for the ITA. An acknowledgement of receipt or the AOR will be issued once the file is submitted. IRCC will check the file and see whether the file is complete and eligible.

If the ITA is not accepted before 90 days, it automatically gets deleted from the system. In this case, candidates have to submit a new express entry profile and be accepted again.